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Meet Gina Marie’s Family

Mr and Mrs Randy Weeks

Mr and Mrs Randy Weeks

Randy and I met in church in December of 2000 – we were both in choir and he was the leader of the singles small group.  He was 30 and had never been married; I was 24 and rebuilding my  life after the end of my first marriage.  I was a single mom, raising K@ and working full time at the preschool at our church.  Soon we were working alongside each other in ministry, both in music and in church theater productions.  Our relationship started on the solid foundation of a Christian friendship as brother and sister in the LORD.  In God’s timing and through His Grace, He let us both know that we were going to be blessed with a deeper relationship and a future together.  On November 3, 2001, I became Mrs. H. Randall Weeks and my family of two became a family of three with a new husband and daddy to love and care for us.



Our eldest daughter

Our eldest daughter

Miss K@ was my college baby; she was born when I was 22 years old and is the greatest blessing and unexpected gift from the time I was married to her father.  Before she was born, I had a close friend share with me that this child I was carrying was a girl, and, that when all others would leave and reject me, she would be someone always close to my heart and a huge part of my life.  How true those words came to be when her father left our marriage and our family.  If I had one word to use to describe Miss K@, it would be creative.  She is a creative soul from the top of her head full of plots for stories –  to her voice she raises in song and in in speech – to her fingers that she uses to knit and play her instruments – and to her feet learning new steps in choreography for her choir performances!  What a treasure of a daughter she is to me – - – and I cherish every moment I have been given to be her mom and teacher.



The middle child -- and our second daughter

The middle child — and our second daughter

The Singing Peach is the middle child and second daughter, but don’t be mistaken for a moment that she will be overlooked.  Born with a look that said, “I am ready world!  Bring it on!” she has never stopped approaching life with gusto, a song, and her arms wide open, running into the wind!  No matter what part of the house you are in, you can hear her singing, talking, reading, dancing, and embracing the moment.  She has a nurturing, loving heart and is the mom of many baby dolls and stuffed animals, complete with names.  With her enthusiasm and compassion, Miss Peach is known as a great friend in her choir.  She enjoys being able to help me and wants to learn many things, including cooking and being a homemaker.  She is my shadow!  Since she was the first baby born after our miscarriage in 2002, Little Miss Peach has proven to be a blessing  and God’s instrument of healing in our lives.



Our two "sons" :-)

Our two “sons” :-)

The Boy Scientist was such a surprise to our family – and what a glorious gift he has been to us!  He came to us the year after Randy’s father passed away and  - right after we were told that we wouldn’t be able to have any more children  - the pregnancy test turned up positive.  Well, God always has the last word on those things, you know!   The Boy Scientist has been a game-changer for our family.  We were used to ballerinas, dollies, pink, lace, and princesses.  When he was born, it was time to learn a whole new ball-game!  Now we have trains, Legos, cars, superheroes, and sports supplies scattered all around us!  Someday he hopes to become a scientist and loves being able to do experiments when we have science time during school!  Nothing makes him happier than being able to sit and read a good book, chase the dog, and do inventory of various things around the house.  In addition to becoming a scientist, he hopes to have six children, a white mini-van, and to homeschool his kids through Heart of Dakota!

I look forward to seeing how God leads us into a deeper walk with Him,

grows our relationship as man and wife,

 blesses our three kids in the years to come

and how He will continue to expand our family and ministry.  

To God be the Glory – Now and forever, AMEN!

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  • Tres Adames

    I love this family!

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Me too! And they think very highly of you too, Pastor Adames!

      • Gina Marie

        Aww, thanks, sis. <3

        Love and blessings!

    • Gina Marie

      Oh, Tres – thank you! You are such a blessing to US – and we thank God that you are our Pastor and wonderful friend.

      God bless you!