Nov 17 2013

Deer Season from a five year old’s perspective…True Story!

Michael (age 5) at one of our favorite parks/playgrounds just last week!

Michael (age 5) at one of our favorite parks/playgrounds just last week!

This weekend kicked off the 2013 deer hunting season here in the Ozarks of Missouri! It is a really big deal where we live. Many of the school districts even schedule their Fall break around the start of deer season because they are missing SO many of the older children/teens from school during the first week of it. You see hunters all over town and special deals for them at restaurants as well as some churches that have special outreach breakfasts for them early on Saturday morning.

My dad (Grandpa Bill) and my brothers are hunters. I’ve never done it myself. So hearing about hunting isn’t something new to Michael.

This year, the start of Deer Season has spurred a lot of “interesting” questions in our family. I thought I would share a little fun with you tonight by sharing a real conversation I had with my Michael (age 5) this afternoon while he and I were driving through the hills around our town while Josh was at his Kids for Christ club meeting. With Michael, you never know what he will ask…his philosophy is if you keep asking questions you will keep getting answers. Sometimes it makes for quite a discussion. LOL

True story!!!

Michael: Mommy, they hunt deer during hunting season right?
Me: Yes, they sure do. Lots of families depend on the meat they get from hunting to feed their families for the whole year.
Michael: Well, don’t they hunt something else too?
Me: Like what?
Michael: Well, isn’t it chicken season too?
Me: Ummm no. Chicken season is every day. Grinning.
Michael: Wow. Poor chickens.
Me: Yep.

Michael: Well is there another thing like chickens that Grandpa Bill see running around in his yard and field (my dad and step mom live on a hobby farm) but can’t shoot them cause it isn’t the right season?
Me: (grinning) Yes! That would be turkey.
MIchael: So turkey’s have their own seasons have their own season but chickens don’t?
Me: yes. that’s right.
Michael: Hmmm.
Me: What’s wrong?
Michael: That just doesn’t seem fair.
Me: Fair to whom?
Michael: the chickens!
Me: Why?
Michael: They should get their own season too. Every day doesn’t count as a season.

Me: Well there is a duck season too.
Michael: See! What did I tell you. There should be a chicken season.
Me: OK, Michael. You tell the people in charge of the hunting laws OK?
MIchael: Yep. I’ll do it. Someone has to stick up for the chickens.

After listening to one of his favorite songs on our favorite Christian radio station while he sang along at the top of his little lungs…the questions continued…

Michael: Oh mom. I have one more question.
Me: sigh…OK. What is it?
Michael: Why don’t you hunt for deer and turkey and chicken for us?
Me: I do…I do mine just a little differently than Grandpa.
MIchael: Cool! How do you hunt?
Me: I hunt for the best prices on turkey and chicken at the grocery store and wait for deer meat from Grandpa and friends who share their deer meat.
Michael: Mom that isn’t hunting. That is shopping.
Me: All depends on how you look at it…I hunt for great prices!
MIchael: giggles and groans. Mommy you need to learn to hunt for REAL.
Me: I’ll take that into consideration. I think I will wait for you two to grow up and go hunting for me.
Michael: OK. You got a deal, MOM!

Gotta love his logic. LOL That’s my boy! ;)

Do your kids love to shower you with questions like this or am I alone here? Please! Tell me I am not alone! LOL  Please share YOUR kids’ questions in the comments below! I would love to hear them!


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So Thankful for His Grace,

Mary Joy


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  • Gina Marie

    I just love that boy and hearing HIS mind work!


    —Gina Marie

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      LOL Thanks, Gina Marie! He is entertaining and keeps me on my toes! That is for sure! :)