Jun 13 2013

The Greatest Journey…Changing Children’s Lives Around the World

Josh filling our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

Josh filling our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

Our family loves Operation Christmas Child.  We shop for things for our shoeboxes all year round.  Back to school sales are an awesome time to find school supplies to send to the precious children who desperately need them. We also put fun things in but make sure to fill them with as many school supplies as possible.  By doing that simple thing, we are able to help a child go to school and have what they need to help change their lives.

Recently I found out more about the amazing 12 week discipleship program that is included with each shoebox.  It is called The Greatest Journey. What an incredible opportunity this is!!!

Josh and Michael are totally excited about it since we watched the videos sharing the story of the ways The Greatest Journey is changing the lives of the children who receive their shoe boxes and their families and friends. These children are given so much more than a Christmas gift. When I watched this video of the incredible ways the Gospel if changing the lives of these precious children and their communities for the first time, I had tears rolling down my face. Josh and Michael were even more determined to help after seeing this. Please take a few moments to have a glimpse into the beautiful ministry we can each become a part of for only SIX DOLLARS…


More than 800,000 children in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are waiting to participate in The Greatest Journey.

·        Samaritan’s Purse has trained more than 84,000 local teachers on how to effectively present The Greatest Journey curriculum.

·        The Greatest Journey materials have been translated into more than 70 of the world’s most common languages.

·        Donors can be involved in our efforts through prayer, action, and giving.

OCC Haiti

You can sponsor a community, equip a church, or supply a classroom with life-changing discipleship materials for children. Donations can be made here

Most of us can spare just $6.00…what would be one meal at a fast food restaurant for us provides everything one child needs to participate in twelve weeks of incredible discipleship mentoring and classes that will change their lives and their communities…one child at a time. Seriously? Can’t we all afford to help just one?

Samaritan’s Purse has launched a five-day campaign that could help a special class of more than 800,000 children in Africa, Asia, and Latin America receive a higher education that will start them on the path to eternal life. “Grads for God” is a unique opportunity for you to provide textbooks, Bibles, teacher’s guides, and certificates needed to equip the next generation for The Greatest Journey—all for just $6 per child.

It breaks my heart to think about how many Bibles we have around our house…and these beautiful children are in total awe when they receive their very first New Testament Bible in their own language on their Greatest Journey graduation day.

So when we think about how we can serve our world.  My little Michael is so right when he says…”You know Mom, little guys really can do big things too.”

This is our chance to help our children see beyond their summer plans to see how they can impact children on the other side of the world who hunger not just for food…but for the greatest nourishment they could every receive and that, sweet ladies, is Jesus Christ.

I would love to hear how your family is going to get involved this summer in helping spread the Gospel right from your kitchen table, living room couch, where ever you may be…just clicking the link to donate $6.00 or whatever the Lord leads you to donate…we can do this ladies! We can reach out with a spiritual drink and quench a thirst that can change their lives for all eternity.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am passionate about this. I’ve shared that my family is on fire for sharing the Gospel even more since we almost lost our lives in the accident last summer.  My kids may have lost their Daddy here on earth but his legacy and passion for reaching out and doing whatever we can to share the incredible gift of Jesus Christ’s gift of Salvation and discipling the people in our lives here and around the world has grown to bonfire level.

Not one of us knows the day or the hour we will be called home. I personally can’t imagine going home to heaven to meet my Savior knowing I willing passed up opportunities to tell as many people as I could about His saving grace. This isn’t to try and guilt you into anything. This is me.  This is our story…but it doesn’t have to be. It is all about finding ways to live the gospel command of going out and making disciples of all men.

That’s what I want to leave my children with as they grow up. I want them to love God with all of the their hearts and let that love overflow into doing whatever God lead them to do to share His saving grace with as many people as they can. I know I am so glad someone shared it with me.  And I am so blessed to have the chance to touch the lives of each of you through my story…and encourage you to take the steps you can to reach out and touch others too.

God bless each of you. You are in my prayers. We appreciate your prayers for us. Will you join me in praying for The Greatest Journey and the incredible mission they are living out every day all over the world.

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Leaning on His Grace,

Mary Joy


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