Jun 12 2013

More Surgery for our little Michael

First day of school back in September 2012Our Michael has come a long way since coming home from the rehab hospital in August 2012. He has used his walker to get around. After having emergency surgery on July 16, 2012, the morning after our accident to put rods in his broken femur and temporary pins in his broken tibia in his left leg and being in the rehabilitation hospital for five weeks, he was actually doing quite well. We thought his injuries were the least severe of the three of us who survived.

Working hard in PTHe worked so hard in physical therapy two-three times a week with our amazing physical therapist from two weeks after we arrived home in August…

graduating from PTUntil he was discharged or as we called it “graduated” from PT before Josh and me! He finished his sessions at the end of October 2012.

After that he never stopped moving...Nothing could stop him…

Field Day May 2013

Or at least so we thought…

Our last visit to Children's HospitalIt was at our last visit to Children’s Hospital for their last surgical follow-up appointment when we found out that Michael’s leg isn’t healing the way it needs to heal. Over the winter months, Michael grew three inches in just two months and because of that growth spurt they were able to see that his injured leg is growing in what is called a knock knee position.  Although his leg is the same length as the right one and faces straight out, his leg angles in a “V” shape pointing toward his right knee.

We were referred to another hospital for a secondary surgery with the same surgeon that took care of him last summer. His insurance won’t cover at Children’s anymore but the new hospital is just as wonderful!

In May I took Michael there for his Pre-Op visit and they were amazing with us. I was so impressed.  It was a bit emotional for me because it was the first time I had the chance to meet the surgeon who did such a great job with both of our boys last summer while I was in the trauma unit at another hospital across town. I had the chance to thank him for all they did for them. He was gracious and very kind.

He explained to me that Michael will need to have surgery to help his leg heal right. The surgeon will put a small plate of sorts just below his knee cap on the growth plate on the inner side of his leg. This will tell the growth plate on that side to grow at the same pace as the other side of his leg. The surgeon’s staff will keep an eye on his leg and when it starts growing to the point it is angled out they will do another surgery (probably in the next two years or so) and remove a screw in it that will allow it to start moving back in toward the other leg again. This process of putting the screw back in and removing it will continue as needed to make sure his legs will be even and straight by the time he stops growing.

While they are operating on him they will also remove the rods in his femur bone since it has completely healed up.

This surgery is next week in St. Louis. We will stay with my mom the night before to be ready to arrive at the hospital very early the morning of the surgery.

I am so proud of Michael. He isn’t afraid of the surgery. He had such a good experience at Children’s Hospital that he doesn’t see anything to be afraid of…especially after the tour we had at the new hospital (I am not sharing the name of it until after the surgery to protect his privacy while we are there). I am soooo grateful to the wonderful medical teams who work with children in these hospitals!!

I will stay with Michael the whole time he is in the hospital except when he is in surgery. We are hoping he will go home the same day, but they are waiting to make that decision basing it on his pain levels afterward. Keeping him as comfortable as possible is a top priority for them…and I am so glad!

My Dad and Step-mom will be meeting me at the hospital to stay with me while he is in surgery and help in anyway while he is there. Josh is going along with us so that he can be my helper with Michael on the trip home. He will be spending time with my mom while I am at the hospital with Michael. He really wants to be there for him and it will be great to have his help on the way home getting him in and out of the car for bathroom breaks on the trip home and keeping him distracted and entertained on the road trip home. Josh is also looking forward to having some special time with Grandma Lorraine while we are there and Grandma Lorraine has fun plans in store for their time together.

It would mean a lot to me if you could keep our little guy in your prayers next week. His surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th. I’ll share a blog post the following weekend to let you all know how it goes…and send updates to our Unwrapping His Grace Facebook page as soon as I am able.


Until next week, I am focused on my pre-op instructions of trying to manage to keep him from getting any scrapes, bug bites, or open wounds or sores of any kind. The hospital watches things like this closely to avoid staff infections…not an easy task with a five-year old bundle of energy in June in Missouri!

Your prayers have lifted us up through so much and we know God is faithful and will get us through this too. Please pray for him as he goes through surgery and that he heals quickly afterward. He wants to go to his first VBS so badly and it starts the Sunday following surgery. I know he won’t be back to 100% by then, but he would love to be able to participate in at least parts of it. Thank you so much!

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Leaning on His Grace,

Mary Joy

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  • Theresa

    Mary Joy, I will be praying for Michael’s surgery and for you as you wait. You are in my thoughts and prayers often. <3

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Thank you, Theresa. We really appreciate that! He came through surgery well. I’ll be writing a blog post about it soon. God is in control! :D


      Mary Joy