Jun 10 2013

“Little Guys can do Big Things too” and a summer bucket list from our boys!

Well we didn’t make it to the family reunion in St. Louis over the weekend.  As the weekend drew nearer my stress level sky rocketed with everything that is on my plate now and our calender for the rest of June. I shared my feelings on Facebook and my dear sweet mom called me and told me that she was worried about me. She told me that with all the work we are trying to get done at our house organizing and rearranging rooms all before Michael’s surgery on June 19th, my anxiety levels already being high about attending the reunion now, and the thunderstorm forecast for the area of the reunion for Sunday, she wanted me to consider another option.

She felt the Lord leading her to offer to come to my house and help me begin the process of wading through the sorting/organizing projects at our house! Wow! What an amazing gift! And my Dad and Stepmom were very understanding and are happy with the Plan B I came up with for getting together later this summer…I’ll share more about this in another post. God is so good!

Sometimes the Lord opens doors and other options for us that we hadn’t considered before…He takes care of our needs in ways we need more than we know.

sorting bedroom project 1

So this past weekend we started working on some of our summer goals and worked on helping the boys begin learning to better take care of their things, learn to organize and we began the process of sorting their books, toys, and clothes into bins to keep, set up the first bookshelf in the dining room and put all of their picture books in it, and began our pile of things to give to our Missions fundraising yard sale that will be in July! We are now officially 1/3 of the way through this big home project. I am exhausted and hurting in places I hadn’t before. LOL But it was worth it!

The boys are back in the bedroom they lived in before the accident last summer…and it is CLEAN!

We have a deadline looming of next Monday to finish organizing and getting the rooms switched up. I can’t remember whether I shared with all of you that Michael goes in for a follow-up surgery on his leg, next week.  I will share more about it in my Wednesday post. My bedroom is upstairs and theirs is on our main level. I want to have everything cleaned up and set up so that my office/guest room will be ready when he comes home from the hospital next week. It is important to me to be close to him through the night for the first couple of weeks after surgery.  With my office ready and the new daybed in place, I will be able to work and sleep in the room right next to their bedroom and be able to hear him if he needs me in the night.

serving with grandma

My mom’s help this past weekend was such a gift! Having her here helped keep the weekend more fun and we got a lot done and made memories at the same time. And while she was here they learned to bless and serve her as well! Slowly as the weekend progressed, I even saw them begin to anticipate how they could help grandma out…she has some challenges with her legs and feet and they learned to be at her side when we went out to lunch, open doors, clear walkways in our house so she wouldn’t fall, and just give her lots and lots of hugs!

And Grandma had a ball playing games with them, snuggling and reading lots of stories with them.

She was a tremendous encouragement and help to me too.  She is a retired elementary teacher and had some great ideas for how to better organize my homeschooling office supplies!

Michael VBS volunteer

Then at church on Sunday morning, Michael was thrilled to be asked to help lead our church in the theme song to our upcoming VBS week! He sang and danced his little heart out! I truly believe that they are never too young to serve in our church communities too! His joy made everyone’s morning and it gave him a special way to enjoy doing something he loves!

Next Sunday morning, Josh will be in a skit with another young lady in our church to help get kids excited about signing up for VBS! He is practicing his lines already and just got them yesterday. It warms my heart to see them get involved in this way.  Josh volunteered to do this and this is addresses one of his biggest fears…speaking or singing in front of the church! I am working with him everyday to help him feel as comfortable as possible before it is time to do it. The focus of our VBS is Facing Fears, so it is perfect for our family this summer.

Last week I promised to share some of the boys bucket list of things they want to do this summer as well as an update on “Little Guys can do Big Things too!”

Here are some of the activities that we are working on fitting in…

Cooking lessons with mom

Stargazing with the new telescope a neighbor gave us to help us in our homeschooling

Campouts in our backyard

Swimming in our little pool

Popcorn and movie nights

Surprise trips to town for an ice cream

Josh going to church camp for the first time

Trips to visit Grandma Lorraine in St. Louis and check out the sights

A trip to the rehab hospital they were in last summer to visit the staff and cheer up and play with some of the patients there

Go bowling

Visit every public playground/park in the surrounding areas

Go fishing

Read lots of books

Go to the Summer Reading program activities

have a party with friends at the end of the summer

Swim in the river

A road trip to visit Grandpa and Grandma Charlotte (my dad and stepmom who live 3 1/2 hours from us)

Meet more cousins (some of my cousins’ kids)

Do lots of science experiments

Collect rocks

Paint lots of pictures

Have a lemonade stand to raise money for missions

Have a yard sale to raise money for missions

Visit a nursing home

Visit their Pershing Grandparents, uncle, aunts, and cousins

Play lots of board games

Ride bikes

Have a treasure hunt

Plant tomatoes

Fly kites

Learn to play softball

Ride go-carts

Go to a cave

Go to VBS

Blow bubbles

Make birdhouses

Write letters to pen pals

Have a Skype visit with Gina Marie’s kids

And that just gets us started! LOL

As you can see we have a busy time ahead. I would love to hear some of the things on your family’s bucket list for the summer!  Will you take a moment to share some of them with me in a comment below? We could all use more great ideas!

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Leaning on the Lord,

Mary Joy

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