Mar 28 2013

Maundy Thursday: A time to share faith stories

22 And as they were eating, he took bread, and after blessing it broke it and gave it to them, and said, “Take; this is my body.” 23 And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them, and they all drank of it. 24 And he said to them, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many. 25 Truly, I say to you, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.” Mark 14:22-25 ESV

Today is Maundy or Holy Thursday.  Today we celebrate the last time Jesus gathered with his disciples, his dearest and closest friends whom he had spent the last three years.  So much going on that night.  So much had happened that week.  And it was time.  After all the times they had gathered together and eaten the Passover meal…the feast of the Unleavened Bread…this would be their last time to sit around a table and celebrate the blood of the lamb that saved their people who dreaded night in Egypt.  Wow.

Can you imagine?  They were sitting there with the Lamb of God celebrating the night their people were saved because of the sacrificial blood of the lamb on their doorposts?

What a powerful experience.

What an amazing gift.

Jesus knew the importance of that night.  The disciples hadn’t grasped the power in that night quite yet.

I imagine sitting there with Jesus, hearing him tell them he would be the sacrifice of the new covenant.  Wow.  It went against everything they thought would happen.  But He knew. It would only be hours before he would leave them and the sacrifice of the Lamb of God in the new covenant would begin.

Tonight, I gathered with our boys in our living room in the same way we had gathered with Will leading us just last spring.  On my lap I held a glass dish with bread waiting in it.  Next to me I had a cup filled with sparkling grape juice.

I took the time to talk with them about the Passover and ask them what they remember of the story.  Josh and Michael shared their memories of that important time in Egypt.  It is something we have spoken together of often over the past few weeks as I have been in rehearsals for our church’s Easter Cantata “Worthy is the Lamb”.  The story we tell in it, begins with the Passover sacrifice that the Hebrew people were called on by God to make.  And it ends with the good news of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world who is there ready to save each one of us!  So they were familiar with that faith story.

Tonight, I chose to share with them the significance of sharing faith stories…faith testimonies…together.  I talked with them about how God has saved us in times of great tragedy as we faced possible death in the accident last summer.  We talked about how amazing it was that God chose to save our lives and chose to have us stay here on earth to share of His faithfulness and love with others.

We talked about another kind of saving too…the way God saved, rescued Daddy.  God saved Him from horrific pain and brought him into His Fatherly arms in heaven.  We talked about what it might be like to be with God during this first Holy Week in heaven as they know we begin to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice, death and amazing, miraculous resurrection!

These are the faith stories we will pass down each year.  We continue to look at our lives and see how God is actively working each day.  We look at the lessons He is teaching us each day.  We look at His amazing faithfulness in times of struggle, trouble, tragedy, uncertainty and our regular day-to-day times as well as the many good, special times.

After sharing our faith stories and thanking God for His faithfulness.  I read the amazing faith stories…testimonies…of what happened at that last Feast of the Unleavened Bread before Jesus went to the cross and took our punishment for our sins.  We read it aloud from the different gospels and the amazement at how similar each account is was something Josh pointed out to us.  It was clear.  No way to mistake what Jesus was telling them and us that night.

He is the bread of life.

He allowed Himself to be broken and His blood poured out because He loves us that much.

He gave us them a new covenant that continues for all time.  We are a part of that amazing new covenant.

I broke the bread and shared it with them as I reminded them of His sacrifice for each of them and for me.

I passed the cup and we drank from it as we remember that God’s gift of saving grace that He offers us had a price…the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross as He took our punishment so that we could spend our lives here and eternity with Him!

Then we prayed for help in our walks with God.

We prayed for help in better serving Him.

We prayed for help in letting Him be boss of our lives.

We prayed and thanked Him for such an amazing gift.

And then we, as the disciples did with Jesus so long ago, sang together.

In order to share a special faith story, I shared the videos that Daddy made in September of 2011 where he was teaching the books of the Bible songs for our blog.  It was like having him here with us as we sang with Daddy and worked on remember the books of the most precious faith story every written…the Word of God.  And then the boys picked their favorite songs that Daddy taught us during our Family Bible times and we sang those together too.  By then end of our time together there were smiles and giggles…wonderful remembering.

Here are the links to the videos of Will teaching the songs that help us learn the Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible. I hope they help and bless you as they do us.

Now that they are off in bed, the house is quiet.  What was a very difficult parenting day for most of the day today ended with a beautiful time of remembering together.  Above everything else and through everything…we remember and we know…God is faithful.

Do you have a special way or time you share your own faith stories as a family?  I would love to hear about it.  Your friendship is one of my most favorite things about blogging.  I love hearing your heart stories…your faith stories.  I love celebrating with you and crying with you.  Please take a moment and share your comments in the section below or you can email me at mrs.maryjoypershing (at) surrenderedlivingnow (dot) com.

God bless you during this holiest of weeks!

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All for His Glory,

Mary Joy

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  • Faith @ Artistic31Mama

    What a wonderful celebration you had with your children and sweet memories you were able to look back on. I really enjoyed watching the videos of Will singing. How sweet of him to record those for you. You are so strong. I pray your joy grows, as it must be hard to have your first Easter without him. I loved all the traditions you have shared here. When I was growing up there was a feet washing service with communion at church. My dad always went and once we were a bit older my brother and I would go as well. We haven’t done much here with the kids to celebrate Maundy Thursday but now that they are old enough to comprehend everything I should. I’ve always wanted to wash each others feet in an act of love like Jesus did for his disciples. Thanks for sharing.! :-)

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing


      I am so glad you enjoyed Will’s videos. We had so many people requesting that we teach the song he taught our kids that helped them learn the books of the Bible so quickly that he was thrilled to share what worked for us. We did miss Daddy this Easter, but I was so thankful for a peace and joy that God filled me with that covered me the whole day. I love foot washing celebrations! I’ve been to those and they are so meaningful. I used to do them with my youth leaders when I was a youth minister back in the 1990s. Doing that with your family would be such a special way to celebrate Maundy Thursday with your family. Thanks for sharing that idea and I hope you try it sometime and share how it goes with us.

      I hope you had a very blessed Easter, friend!


      Mary Joy