Mar 22 2013

Bring Good Friday and Easter Alive with your Family— Ideas from around the Web

Our Easter cookies going into the sealed tomb (oven) Easter Eve 2012.

Our Easter cookies going into the sealed tomb (oven) Easter Eve 2012.

Lent and the Easter Season at our house have been so blessed by some of the new traditions we started as a family because of the amazing ideas I’ve found surfing around in blogland over the last few years.  I decided I had to share some of the ideas we have used, are planning to use…or are just great ideas.

I hope that you will visit these wonderful blogs and leave them some comment love and tell them that Mary Joy sent you.  ;)  Everyone loves to hear your comments on their ideas.  It energizes all of us bloggers to get busy and keep writing (wink, wink ;) )  So share the love!

Last year, Will and I sat down and went through the list of ideas that I had found and wanted to share with him.  We selected a few that would work well for us last year and I am sooo glad we did.  Each one helped to make so many amazing memories and we had some really special light bulb moments among our children…and began planting a beautiful and very important legacy in our family celebration of this extremely holy and special holiday.

The picture above comes from our first version of the first idea I will share.  Easter Story Cookies!  Easter Story cookies are amazing.  I was so thrilled to find them on Women Living Well in Three Meaningful Easter Activities for Kids. And then to find two of the activities we did last year in the same article this year!  I was blessed!  In this post she shares Resurrection Sweet Rolls too.  We are going to try the rolls this year.

This year we are going to bag up some of our Easter Story cookies on Easter afternoon in cute baggies and attach the Easter Story to them and deliver them to some of our neighbors.  We always end up making so many more than we should eat and it is a great way to spread the love of Jesus on this holiest of days!

Here's what the inside of our cookies looked like after we bit into them last year.  Hollow! Empty just like the tomb!

Here’s what the inside of our cookies looked like after we bit into them last year. Hollow! Empty just like the tomb!

I also recommend using Resurrection Eggs as part of your Easter Egg hunt.  We did last year and I love how the small items inside of the eggs helped us share the story of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection in such a meaningful way.  Courtney shared more information about this in her post too.

Will shared the story of Good Friday and he asked me to share the Easter Story on Easter afternoon, last year, using our Resurrection Eggs the kids found and brought back to me.

Will shared the story of Good Friday and he asked me to share the Easter Story on Easter afternoon, last year, using our Resurrection Eggs the kids found and brought back to me.

This year it will be just me and my guys for Easter Sunday at our house. They both love scavenger hunts and when I found this free on Currclick I had to get it!  This is a Resurrection scavenger Hunt that will make even an Easter Egg Hunt meaningful, fun and bring the gospel to life in a physically active and fun way.

At Motherhood on a Dime I found this great idea…Journey to Easter: Five Meaningful Easter Activities for Kids. It is perfect for the Holy Week Unit Study I am creating to use with my boys next week!

And for those of us who will have children sitting with us in the pews on Easter Sunday morning, Raising Arrows has another great “Listening Guide” especially for Easter Sunday.  I am printing mine off as we speak!

This is something I am going to do with our boys on Saturday evening (Easter Eve).  I got my March edition of ohnewsletter in my email inbox and fell in love with this one! I was happy dance excited when I found this one!  I love how she has them collect rocks in their Easter basket.  Then takes the rocks and talks with them about their sins that they struggle with and writes the sin name on each rock.  Then that night you cover the baskets with a red piece of fabric representing the blood of Jesus washing away our sins.  In the morning!!!!  Well…everything in the basket represents something related to Jesus and his gift of salvation…including a snuggly lamb instead of a bunny rabbit!  Yes I will take pictures!!!

When I found this fun way to share the gospel with children using jelly beans on TommyNelson.com I knew it was perfect!  Jelly Bean Rainbow– Check out this poem you put in a baggie with the corresponding color of jelly beans….

.Red is for the blood He gave,

Green is for the grass He made,

Yellow is for the sun so bright,

Orange is for the edge of night,

Black is for the sins that were made,

White is for the grace He gave.

Purple is for the hour of sorrow,

Pink is for the new tomorrow.

A bag full of jelly beans,

Colorful and sweet,

Is a Prayer…Is a Promise…Is an Easter treat!

And don’t forget to check in your community calendar of events to see if there are churches in your area performing an Easter Cantata to enjoy with your family.  Our church is presenting our Cantata this Sunday morning!  It is called “Worthy is the Lamb” and I am so blessed to be in it.  This is a very special way to experience the gospel message and bring friends and family who need to hear of God’s gift of grace and salvation with you as part of your Easter Celebration!

Everyday I find more and more great ideas!  And you can find them on the Unwrapping His Grace Lent and Easter Board on Pinterest!!!

What are some of the ways you celebrate this amazing time of remembering Jesus’ precious gift of amazing salvation through Him?  Please share your ideas or links to articles you have written about them in the comments below. Click here to comment.  It is that easy!

I can’t wait to check them all out!  You may even discover they have been pinned to our board on Pinterest once I see them!

And don’t forget to do your last-minute Easter shopping with our Sponsoring Partner Recycled Memories!  Her handcrafted jewelry, cards and other creations are perfect for this special and holy holiday!

Sitting at the feet of Jesus with so much to learn,

Mary Joy

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  • Gina Marie

    Wonderful ideas…. love reading these kinds of posts! Fun times ahead as we prepare for Resurrection Day!

    —Gina Marie

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Thanks, Gina Marie. You are such an encouragement to me. I hope some of these ideas help you in your week of preparations for Resurrection Day. You are such a blessing!


      Mary Joy