Mar 02 2013

I accepted an offer too good to refuse…a date with my guys!

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While I realize I was supposed to show pictures of my bedroom tonight so we could decide about curtains versus window toppers…but there’s been a bit of a change in plans.

I spent the day catching up on cleaning our living room, dining room and kitchen today with my guys and then finished off the afternoon enjoying board games with them.  It was a good day…

The thing is…tonight after supper, they talked me into an up late kind of night snuggling and watching “Free Willy 4″ with pizza and popcorn.  And that is the kind of offer I can’t afford to refuse when they are growing up right before my eyes!  So you guessed it, instead of spending the evening cleaning their rooms and tidying mine or writing…I spent it snuggling under comfy throws with my two favorite gentlemen and then listening to their hearts and reading stories together much later than I planned.

So I had the choice…work on my bedroom and take pictures to prepare my new spring bedroom project or soak in time with these two treasures…it was no contest!

Do I regret it?  Never!  Precious moments like these are priceless!

Check them out sporting their new haircuts that they got on Thursday.

My Mr. Michael right after his new hair cut!  He picked the style.

My Mr. Michael right after his new hair cut! He picked the style.

My Mr Josh right after his new hair cut on Thursday. He decided to go with just a trim. Can you believe he is already 10!!!!???

I couldn’t turn down a special date with these two handsome young men now could I…especially after they did so well helping me while I had the flu this week?

I did discover one thing regarding the curtains vs toppers decision today though…it looks like I don’t have enough fabric to cover both windows which are either side of my bed with full curtains.  Sooo…we’ll just have to get creative or make toppers.  Hmmmm…I think we will revisit this topic later next week…with pictures!  I promise!

I so appreciate all of you.  You forgive me don’t you?

Coming up next week…

Sunday— Be sure to come back tomorrow night for our Sunday night devotion and for those working on their Blessing Journals for 2013, I’ll have your journaling guides ready for week seven then too!

Monday– Marriage Monday with Gina Marie

Tuesday– Time to meet our Sponsoring Partner, Recycled Memories and check out the special and fun giveaway she is doing just for YOU!!!

Thursday– Real life with me, a recently widowed homeschooling mama continues…I’ll even have pictures of my room ready for you so get your thinking cap ready!

Friday-- We announce the winner of Recycled Memories Giveaway!!

Now, since I am still recovering from the stomach flu, I am going to head to bed.  If everything goes according to plan and we don’t get more snow tonight, we are heading to worship with our church family in the morning!  I can’t wait!

How is your weekend going?  Have you had special time with your young ladies and gentlemen this weekend?  I would love to hear about it!!!

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Embracing His Grace in the Everyday,

Mary Joy

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