Mar 01 2013

I’ve got Spring Fever and I’m doing something about it!

My winter helper...

My winter helper. He loves to shovel!

I don’t know about you all…but today is the first day of March and I am tired of the wintery ice and snow we have right now and am starting to get a case of spring fever.  Here in our very small town (fewer than 450 people) in the Ozarks of Missouri, I love our little house.  It may be a small rental house but it is home and very special to us filled with so many wonderful memories of our beginning as a family with Will and Annie when she is here with us…and now the kids and I are creating new memories together.

Will and I were enjoying making it ours and just getting started decorating our master bedroom before he went home to heaven last July.  The accident changed everything. My Dad and Stepmom graciously drove to my house while I was in the hospital and moved everything out of the room that was Will’s study/studio and everything was put into boxes and put anywhere they could find room in our master bedroom.  The boys’ room was just too small for them to go home to with their walkers from the rehab hospital…and Michael was really upset at the idea of going home and seeing Daddy’s “office” without Daddy there.  They created a wonderful boys’ bedroom for them and there were no signs of the fact that it had been Daddy’s space for a few months before that…it was originally Will and my master bedroom but we moved our room to the space it is now in early summer.

Our master bedroom was the only place in our house to put everything and it gave me time to take my time to sort through everything and figure out what I needed to do with all of it.  I wasn’t going to be able to go up the stairs to what would now be “my room” for a couple of months anyway with my own physical limitations at the time.  I slept in the recliner in our living room until the end of October.  It was right outside of the boys new room and I would be able to wake up to help them if they needed me in the night and I couldn’t lay down flat without a great deal of pain back then.

Fast forward to now…

We made a few more adjustments with rooms.  Josh and Michael have separate rooms now.  It is an adjustment but because of several factors it is the best thing for our family.  They are both doing great with their recovering and I have to remind them to stop running in the house!  A great problem to have considering that they struggled to get around the house using walkers just six months ago.

I am back up in my master bedroom.  My sweet niece, spent a weekend here with us in November and helped me set it up so that we have a special corner that is home to Will’s amazing library of books that the children and I will use for years to come.  She even found space for my crafts and sewing supplies!  Since then, the boys helped me to set up my books on what used to be Will’s tall bookshelf and set it not too far from my bed so that I can enjoy my books in the space I do most of my reading.  I am still getting settled and arranging it but it has become my peaceful sanctuary in a house filled with the excited noise and energy of two active sons.

I am still using our Anniversary Quilt on our bed.  We bought it together last April for our second wedding anniversary.  I had my brother-in-law bring it to me while I was in the hospital and cocooning in it was a great comfort. Having it with me helped me to emotionally get through the five weeks I spent living in the hospital then rehab hospital finally Haven House where I stayed to be close to the boys during the weeks they remained in their rehab hospital before they were discharged for us to return to our sweet home. Being able to wrap up in it helped me to sleep at night and helped me feel at home.

It is simple but lovely.  And yes I will pull together some pictures sometime soon of my room as it is coming together.

I have blinds in my room but no curtains.  I couldn’t find anything I liked and was looking before the accident that we liked. Today I started looking again for the first time and I was so blessed!!!

I found a fabric that I fell in love with on sale!!!

Here it is…My new fabric--- Unwrapping His Grace at surrenderedlivingnow.com

So what do you think?  It makes me smile.

The green is much darker in the photos than in real life!  I promise! It is a very springy green.

My quilt is cream with a soft taupey color around the outside of it a beautiful simple quilted design that I love.  This fabric complements it so well and I thought it would be fun and cheery for spring and summer at least!  And it was only $2.00 a yard!  I got the last six yards of it!

Now I have one more decision…I am not sure if I should make widow sill length curtains or just toppers and then some throw pillows for my bed and maybe to put on the couches downstairs too…our couches are greenish too and it would perk things up for the season.  LOL

God is doing a work in me dear friends.

I haven’t been able to think about anything creative or adding things like this to our home since we have been home from the hospitals.

My heart is on the mend and my spirit is ready.

So…if I get some pictures together and share them with you tomorrow night, can you help me decide what to do?

I would love your thoughts!

And do you know what?  Will would be so happy for me.  He bought me a new sewing machine last spring and I haven’t felt up to opening it and figuring out how to use it yet.  My mom is coming the weekend of the 24th of this month for Michael’s fifth birthday and to see me in our church Easter Cantata.  She really knows how to sew and I am going to ask her to help me learn to use my new machine while she is here…and maybe talk her into helping me with the curtains…so I need to decide before then.

It is so much easier for me to make these kinds of decisions when I help friends than for my own room.  So I need you! :)

Will you help me decide?  I’ll share pictures of my room tomorrow night. 

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Embracing grace,

Mary Joy

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  • Debbie

    The material is very pretty. Not sure what i think you should do with it at this point but will be thinking about it.

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Thanks! I’ll look forward to hearing what you think after I show the pictures tonight. I am not sure I have enough fabric to make full curtains but we will see! Can’t wait to hear your ideas!


      Mary Joy

  • Marla

    I LOVE the fabric! It is perfect, and at a perfect price! I didn’t realize you lived in Missouri! duh! I am in southeast Kansas. Just a stone’s throw! : ) I will wait for your pictures to decide what I would do with the fabric! : )

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Thanks! I am so glad you like it! I love a good deal too. How fun! It is always nice to meet a neighbor! I’m starting to think I may not have enough fabric to make full curtains for both windows. I may have to find some cream fabric to go with it if I do that…hmmmm LOL But it is fun to figure out. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


      Mary Joy

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  • Gina Marie

    So pretty – enjoy learning your new machine and creating something of beauty to see in your room!

    • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

      Thanks, Gina! You are so sweet! It will be a great feeling. I just hope we have time the weekend my mom is here. That is the weekend of the Easter Egg hunt at church too. We’ll just have to find time, right? :) And it will feel so good to add something special to my bedroom.