Feb 14 2013

A special Marriage Message for Valentine’s Day – Planning for the perfect day, someday…

You will always have my heart  <3

When was the last time that you did something spontaneous, just for the moment, and completely fun to surprise your husband?  In the midst of life, with schedules, budgets, and stress, it is SO easy to get wrapped up and enslaved to the day to day stuff we have to work through together as man and wife.  I know the feeling of wanting to do something fun, but then feeling the burden of needing to push the fun aside to be responsible and take care of other things.

All of a sudden I look up from my work and realize another year has gone by.

Guess what?  It’s Valentine’s day today!    Oh, you knew that already?  OK, well, I just thought that I would remind you.  :-) The week of Valentine’s day is always special to me as it contains both my birthday and a special day set aside to show the ones we love (not just romantically) how much we love and appreciate them.  It’s a week of feel good memories for me each year and makes me want to start planning something romantic for my hubs… eventually!  Soon… in November… later on this year….

Every Valentine’s day, I have the same thoughts start circling through my mind; I have been wanting to plan a special vow renewal ceremony for Randy and me for the last few years.  We talked about it for our fifth; our anniversary came and went.  We mentioned it again right before our 10th, but we didn’t have the means and ability to plan anything special like that.

We had the desire – - – but not the follow through.

I am a perfectionist – - well, a  “recovering perfectionist” I guess.  I want to do something special, planned out to the last, final detail in planning this special event: I want to knock my husband’s socks off and recapture the feelings of our wedding day and add in some of the things that got overlooked. (Maybe this time around I will not have the stomach flu, I will have the time to get myself ready, including getting time to shave my legs (lol!) as I dash through the shower, I will remember all of the pieces I need for my outfit, AND we will take more pictures together, including at least ONE on our honeymoon getaway!  We HAVE NO pics from that special time… at all…. *sigh* )

We have been married for 11 years – - – and we have yet to be able to do this.  I haven’t taken the actual step of planning anything in waiting for the perfect time, the perfect set of circumstances (such as more money in the bank), and maybe even getting down to a perfect weight so that I can look like a knockout!  (Did I just admit that?  *Sigh*)


Meanwhile, time goes on and the days slip by.  We rejoice in our happiness together as man and wife – but there is something we keep putting off,

waiting for things to come together perfectly —- and that may never happen for us.


A few days ago, I was catching up with some correspondence on Facebook, when I saw a picture with this quote from a fellow blogger:



I think that in this life, it’s sometimes easy to put off the things that are important to us. We make excuses for ourselves. We say that we’ll do these things SOME day… when we have more time, or more money, a nicer house, a newer car, or a better job.  Yes, one day when we are older, or thinner, or happier, or “in a better place.” Yes, when we’re MORE ESTABLISHED, THEN we will take the time to make a way or find an opportunity to do the things that we want or NEED to be doing….

I’m learning every day that it’s important to do the best that I can with what I’ve been given and where I’m at now. There will always be someone whose grass is a little greener than mine. It’s up to me to be content and make the most of the hand I’ve been dealt. I’m not suggesting that we quit striving to grow and enrich our lives, but it’s important to learn to find happiness… no matter our lot. You aren’t promised tomorrow, dance in the rain today!

-Victoria Brake

These words grabbed me – the wind was knocked out of me – - – and I was humbled in knowing that I was holding back on blessing my husband and doing something special for him, our family, for both of us because I was allowing myself to feel limited and confident of tomorrow to plan our vow renewal.

2012 was a year of learning just how fragile is this life… and how we are not guaranteed another moment with our soul-mate.  In walking with Mary Joy, my sisthrough the loss of her precious husband Will and in dealing with my own health strugglesI have learned that there is no better time than the present to celebrate life, love, and the gift of my husband with abandon and joy.  What was I waiting for?  If not now, when?

So, I took a deep breath and got us registered to renew our vows today, Valentine’s Day, 2013!!!  No, it’s not our anniversary today, 11 years of marriage isn’t something that most couples choose to celebrate with a vow renewal  - – - but we are and I can’t wait to share the pictures and details of the event in my Marriage Monday post next week!

I am not a spontaneous person… and my hubby is very reserved and private – - but we are so incredibly excited to have a day set aside for us to celebrate each other and the blessings that God has brought to us over the last 11 years of marriage.  This entire event will not cost us more than gas money – - – and we have all of our needs and desires taken care of in a way that makes me rejoice in the love and provision of the LORD!  (I will share those details next week too!)

So, what are you waiting for?  What is God moving on your heart to do this year, this month, today to bless your husband and let him know how special he is to you?

Burn that special candle, put on your best dress, and take that hunk of a man in your arms and let him know that being his wife – being in his arms – is the best gift from God you could have ever been given…. and make a memory to last a lifetime.


1 Peter 3:2

Amplified Bible (AMP)

2 . . .  you are to feel for him all that reverence includes: to respect, defer to, revere him—to honor, esteem, appreciate, prize, and, in the human sense, to adore him, that is, to admire, praise, be devoted to, deeply love, and enjoy your husband.


- – - Enjoy your husband this Valentine’s Day – –

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To God be the Glory – - -

Gina Marie

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  • http://www.surrenderedlivingnow.com/ Mary Joy Pershing

    I loved reading about your wedding day! Wow! Thank you for sharing so openly! LOL So nice to hear I am not the only one who faced challenges on their wedding day! :D I am SO, SO happy for you guys with what you are doing today! Soooo excited! I am so glad you decided to take the plunge and do it! What a special, special thing to do! You will always be glad you did! Happy Valentine’s Day, Gina Marie and Randy!!! We love you!!!

    • Gina Marie

      Love you too, sis! It was a beautiful day!

      We got some pics and enjoyed ourselves!

      Much love to you!