Dec 02 2012

God is moving in our family…Josh is Baptized!

Tonight I wanted to take a few moments to share some very, very special things that are happening in our family.  This week I will be sharing the beautiful work that God is doing in our Josh’s heart and life.

Josh is baptized…November 23, 2012

Josh accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior about a year ago and recommitted his life to God a few weeks before the accident.  We are so grateful that Rev. Will, Daddy, decided to have a very special Family Worship time in which he led us in sharing communion together for the first time in our family worship time.  It was that night that Josh received communion for the very first time…from his his Daddy.  That night holds a very special place in our hearts.

Just a few weeks ago, Josh came to me and talked with me about what he would need to do to be baptized.  He decided that he was ready and really wanted to take that step.  I talked with him about baptism and what it means and we spent some time remembering what Daddy had talked with him about it, too.  And we talked about how it was his Daddy’s desire to not only see Josh baptized but to be the one to baptize him.  Sadly, Will went home to heaven before he had that opportunity.

As I listened to him, I was so very blessed to learn that it was going through the accident and realizing how real God is and how much He cares for him that he helped him survive and be able to walk again. And that God miraculously saved me, his Mommy, so that he wouldn’t lose both of his parents and I would be here to raise him…that had a powerful impact on him and his faith and trust in God.

He shared with me that he knew that he is finally ready to be baptized. In the past, Josh has really struggled with being submerged under water and it has caused him a great deal of anxiety.  He shared with me that he was no longer afraid.  He said that God brought him through the accident and He would bring him under and up out of the water safely too.  The look in his eyes brought tears of joy to mine…I knew he was ready.

We were so blessed to have our pastor, Bro. Don, visit with him about his relationship with the Lord and baptism after our community’s Thanksgiving Service and Bro. Don agreed that Josh was ready. We decided on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend so that Annie could be with us for that special day in her brother’s life.

The week before his baptism, I was accepted as a new member in our church through transfer of letter and our new church family accepted Josh’s request for baptism.

Getting ready for this special day was very, very emotional for me.  It broke my heart that my Will wouldn’t be able to be the one to baptize him, but I also knew that he would be looking down from heaven watching with tears of joy flowing down his face at the work God is doing in his heart to bring him to this important decision.

We were surrounded by our new church family, Annie, Michael and I were there with him and we were even more blessed to have my mother-in-law, Virginia Pershing, my brother-in-law, David Pershing and two of his children, Alex and Nikki joining us for his special day.  In addition we were joined by one of Josh’s dearest friends and his mom, one of my dear friends.  My side of the family lives farther away and was not able to join us but sent their love.

Tears flowed down my face as I thanked God for what He is doing in our son’s life.  I really have seen so much growth and change in him over the past year…and especially over the past few months.  It felt so strange to me to not have Will physically there with us.  And tears of sorrow for that flowed as well for me. Once again I was blessed as I felt the arms of my encouraging sisters in Christ gently wrapped around my shoulders as together we watched my dear Josh experience the receive the waters of baptism.  We were not alone.

But more than anything, I am so very proud of Josh…our son of nine years old and his commitment to follow Jesus command to believe and be baptized.  He told me he wanted to do what Jesus told him to do and follow His example and the example of me and his Daddy.  I have already seen how Josh is taking his commitment to God seriously in so many wonderful ways over this past week.  I’ll share more with you about this later…

I thought I would share a few pictures and a short video clip of our special day with all of you.

Video taken and made into movie clip by Nikki Pershing, my niece.


Our family after Josh’s baptism

I am so thankful for the amazing ways that God continues to bless and work in our hearts and lives as He carries us through these days and months with Rev. Will/Daddy in heaven and as we discover more and more of God’s beautiful plan for our lives as we continue the legacy of loving, serving God and sharing His Gospel that Will and I have for our family.

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Unwrapping His Grace for His Glory,

Mary Joy

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  • Jackie

    Awesome, congrats! You look like a very happy momma! And you should be! you are glowing and beaming with joy! Blessings to you all, Jackie (Gina’s friend)

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    How wonderful! May God’s hand continue to be on Josh all of his days!