Nov 20 2011

Delicious Diabetic-friendly Devil’s Food Holiday Cupcakes!

Our daughter, Annie’s 16th birthday cupcakes!

 Why not offer one low sugar/Diabetic friendly dessert to your Thanksgiving guests this year?

A sweet friend of mine, Trudie, asked me if there was an easy way to make a cake for the holidays that is Diabetic friendly.  What a great question with Thanksgiving just a few days away!  The only kind of cake we make at our house is a diabetic friendly cake, since my sweet husband, Will, has Type 2 Diabetes.

I was so thrilled to find a very easy way to make a low sugar Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake that is soooo delicious while being something our whole family can enjoy!  I promise you it does not taste like a diet cake!!!  We add a little bit of extra fun by making them up as cupcakes!  We baked these for our daughter’s sixteenth birthday (she requested it!) and for my forty-fourth birthday just last month!

The way we make it…is even healthier than the cake mix box version…and adds a touch of Thanksgiving along the way with my secret ingredient...PUMPKIN!  Here’s the thing…you won’t taste the pumpkin!

The best part is that since it has such low sugar in it…it is not only good for my husband who is managing his Type 2 Diabetes…it is good for my waistline, which I am determined to shrink one size at a time and not completely blow it during the holidays!!

So…enjoy this chocolatey treat!

Devil’s Food Chocolate Cupcakes

Serving size: 1 cupcake

Preheat oven: 400 degrees F

Baking time:  20 min. (approx)  (I check them at 15 min.)


1 16 oz. box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme Sugar Free Premium Devil’s Food Cake Mix (only has 9 grams of sugar instead of 19 grams)

1 15 oz can of 100% pure pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling!)

1 tub of low-fat whipped topping

1 pint of fresh strawberries

***Do NOT use the ingredients listed on the box of cake mix!  The only ingredient you will add to the mix is the pumpkin!

Prayer– this is a key ingredient!!!  While cooking for my family I like to take that time to pray for each of them…that the food I am preparing will give them the energy and strength they need to be healthy and happy and get the things done they need done.  I pray that I will remember that the work I am doing to prepare this meal is an important ministry that God has given me as my husband’s help-meet and the mother of our children and hostess to our guests.  I pray for peace at our dinner table and in our home.  Don’t skip this step!  It’s my secret ingredient!


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Pour cake mix into a large bowl and whisk to remove any lumps.  Add the pumpkin and stir with a wooden spatula until completely smooth and uniform in texture.

The batter will have a very thick texture and will take some elbow grease to mix it up.  It will appear dry at first and it is tempting to add some liquid of some kind.  Trust me!!! Don’t do it!!!  Just keep stirring it until it has a smooth and uniform texture!!  It will be worth it!  It will have a brownie type consistency.

Scoop the batter into a 12-cup muffin pan lined with foil baking cups or sprayed with nonstick spray.  Place pan in the oven and bake until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin/cupcake comes out clean.  It takes approximately 20 minutes!

Allow to cool.  When you are ready to serve them…top them with a dollup of low-fat whipped topping and crown it with a fresh strawberry!  If you do not have strawberries…it is still delicious with just the whipped topping.  I recommend eating it with a fork.

This is SO easy and SO delicious!!!

Question:  What is your favorite low sugar/Diabetic friendly holiday dessert?  

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Joyfully giving thanks,

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

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  • http://www.everyday-sacred.blogspot.com Theresa

    How interesting that you put pumpkin in it. I will have to try it sometime just because it intriques me. :)

    • Mary Joy Pershing

      They really are tasty and I was so surprised by the nutritional value that the pumpkin adds! I hope that you enjoy them! They are easy and yummy! :D

      Theresa…next time you comment be sure to add your blog's URL in the "Site URL" box that is under the comment box here…and it will list your most recent post at the bottom of your comment so that I can give you some comment love too! :D

      Joyfully serving Jesus,

      Mrs Mary Joy Pershing
      My recent post Delicious Diabetic-friendly Devil’s Food Holiday Cupcakes!

  • bluecottonmemory

    I am totally intrigued! This is something I definitely want to try. BTW – Happy Belated birthday!

    • Mary Joy Pershing

      I hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for the belated birthday wishes! LOL You are so sweet!

      Just to know…if you would like for folks to see your most recent post on your blog so we can give you some comment love, be sure to type your blog's URL in the "Site URL" box that is under the comment box you write in here. Would love for folks to find your wonderful blog!

      Joyfully serving Jesus,

      Mrs Mary Joy Pershing
      My recent post Delicious Diabetic-friendly Devil’s Food Holiday Cupcakes!

  • bluecottonmemory

    OOoops! Thanks for letting me know – I missed it!

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